Domain packaging red5 and guacamole. Used Red5 since its first release, with modified versions of the sample apps. Typically used Flash media encoder on Mac to stream my end. That still works but the flow to video doesn't so you have to use manuel. Unnumbered case of Flash to HTML5 SPA conversion.

The new stuff at the domain base (without "/old.html") will use current versions of red5 and guacamole integrated with my systems software. The key concept remains just working without registration. It will work with any browser or phone as a streaming source, but guacamole requires a desktop of course. Same concept/function before and after but this is a dead end.

仁 人 卷

About money, secure transport, and time, in these domains.
Hi ! ² For Hangout, Skype, etc., use accounts. This works ( if doorbell does ) anonymously.

Concept: - just ring and be connected

Stick drivers - ring, grab this and click on the BNC connector icon
Sends an SMS ³, writes to all (wall) on linux and mac hosts in my LAN, and makes same sound on my desktop.

Reality: - guac (top center) and chat (stick) only maintained things, use them and WhatsApp pending new SPA.

The stricken domains below are no longer routed in the priced name system.

¹   Flash works where it works, OFFLINE matte shows for unsupported HTML5 user agents, HTML5 after this page if authenticated in a role.
²   Your IP Address, will address you as this unless you've given something else in chat.
³   POTS,SMS @ US 716 and 619 numbers, wearable, other mobile. On Skype, 'Away' like blue matte here, 'Offline' like black.
LEGEND :   OFFLINE  ,   READY  ,   PAGEABLE  ,    AFK/BUSY     Conference joiners: stick::refresh
  Will wait 30s for a chat response. 

nb: the frame is not the matte
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