anonymous content this landing just works in browsers¹,

above however requires a login.
This page is maintained for reference purposes as prototype elements of the sameboat live app.

仁 人 卷

About money, secure transport, and time, in these domains.
Hi ! ² For Hangout, Skype, etc., use accounts. This works ( if doorbell does ) anonymously.
Sends an SMS ³, writes to wall on my main linux and mac dev hosts, and makes same sound in my LAN.
¹   Flash works where it works, OFFLINE matte shows for unsupported HTML5 user agents, HTML5 after this page if authenticated in a role.
²   Your IP Address, will address you as this unless you've given something else in chat.
³   POTS,SMS @ US 716 and 619 numbers, wearable, other mobile. On Skype, 'Away' like blue matte here, 'Offline' like black.
LEGEND :   OFFLINE  ,   READY  ,   PAGEABLE  ,    AFK/BUSY     Conference joiners: stick::refresh
  Will wait 30s for a chat response. 

nb: the frame is not the matte
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